Chandler family starts business inspired by son's disease

A family here in Chandler wanted to do something that made their son and other children feel special, so they started a clothing company and so far they've seen huge success.

The company is called Rock Your Different and is inspired by the Krienert's son, Rory, who has a condition called Strabismus, or "Squint," which means the muscles in his right eye aren't strong enough and that give him a lot of trouble.

He has to do eye exercises every day and has to wear a patch twice a day for 30 minutes and has already had two surgeries, but his parents want to make sure that he and other kids don't feel bad about the things they can control.

"This started for my son, he has to wear an eye patch until he's 10 and every time we put it on him, we told him to rock it, so we though it would be fun to start a clothing line about celebrating what makes you different," Jennifer Krienert said. "I think my son was diagnosed at such a young age, he was 13 months old, so he hasn't known anything different, but for the older kids, it's tough."

Twenty percent of the proceeds go to Phoenix Children's Hospital and two weeks ago they started selling shirts for kids with Type 1 Diabetes.

Twenty percent of those proceeds will go to JDRF and Kreinert says they will continue to pick new causes as the company grows.

To purchase a T-shirt, visit:
Rock Your Different