Chandler man accused of stealing, running from police, and setting hospital on fire

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- A Valley man has been arrested, accused of stealing tools from home improvement stores and then selling the merchandise on line.

On top of that, he is accused of escaping police custody, and then starting a fire at a hospital.

According to police, 21-year-old Justin Carillo is not only responsible for a tool theft crime spree and Home Depot and Lowe's stores around the valley, but also for multiple escape attempts that endangered countless others. Officials say Carillo started hitting up the home improvement stores in November. stealing tools like chainsaws worth hundreds of dollars, and then reselling them on the online marketplace OfferUp.

Police were reportedly able to track Carillo from one store to a meetup with a buyer after reviewing security video, but after the arrest, things got out of hand. Police arrested Carillo a week ago, but officials say he ran with his handcuffs on to Arizona Avenue, and was hit by a car.

Carillo's escape attempts didn't end there. Police say that while he was being treated for his injuries at Chandler Regional Hospital, he was able to use an earring to spark a fire in his medical equipment. The damage caused was almost $12,000. There were over 200 people were in the ER at the time, as well as multiple oxygen tanks that could have made the situation much worse.