Chandler Police looking for indecent exposure suspect

Chandler police are hoping for a break in the search for a serial flasher -- a suspect they've been after for years and they're worried he's getting more dangerous.

Teams of officers and detectives conducted a community notification in the area where the crimes happened and handed out posters with a composite sketch of the suspect on Tuesday. The next day, officials were following up on dozens of tips they received.

Officers say the man has flashed a number of people since January 2012 along the Western Canal and now they're stepping up their efforts to get him off the street.

Per the Chandler Police Department's Facebook page, "This subject has exposed himself to a number of victims, either appearing fully nude or in a state of partial undress. The subject exposed himself to victims weekdays in the early morning hours between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m."

"We are concerned. This started back in 2012 with a lot of indecent exposures where he would do just what we described. But now what we're seeing recently is he's now actually starting to fondle himself and manipulate himself. So we're really concerned that he's starting to be a little more aggressive and we're afraid that he could move into a more aggressive position. We want to stop him before he tries to hands on with anybody," said Sgt. Joe Favazzo.

After somewhat of a lull, 9-1-1 calls started picking up again in the last few weeks. Investigators say the man has not actually touched anyone near the canal, but he's getting more aggressive and they want to get him off the streets before his behavior escalates.

"There's only a couple ways to get off the canal. Or through some series of breaks in the fences," added Favazzo. "That's why we really believe that this suspect lives in the area... and goes right back into the shadows."

Police say the suspect is described as a white male, 40 to 60 years old, between 5' 9" and 6' 0" tall, has a "pot belly" and is balding.

Anyone with information or who recognizes the suspect is asked to call Chandler Police at 480-782-4130. Authorities believe the offender lives or works in the area near the Western Canal.