Chinese ASU student killed while riding his bike in Tempe

An accident has claimed the life of an ASU student, who was struck and killed while riding his bike near the university's campus in Tempe, nearly one week ago.

The student, identified as 28-year-old Xiaoying Wen, was earning a doctorate in piano performance. The accident happened nearly one week ago, at an intersection near Rural and Vista Del Cerro.

According to police, the driver was making a left turn, and Wen was reportedly crossing the road when he was hit. At the scene of the incident, a memorial was set up, which still stands.

Meanwhile, students and staff at ASU's School of Music said Wednesday they are still trying to get through a very difficult time.

"With fire, with passion and always loved by everybody around because he had such a strong charisma as a pianist," said Dr. Baruch Meir, an ASU Associate Professor of Piano, when describing Wen.

Meir and several others rushed to the hospital when they heard the news.

"He did not move," said Meir. "He was just connected to machines and it looked really bad and we talked to him and it was really hard."

Wen completed his masters degree in Missouri, before coming to ASU in 2014. He was working on his doctorate in piano performance, had several scholarships, and was sponsored by the government in China to attend ASU.

"He was really one of our best. He had the personality and incredible facility on the piano and a true flare," said Meir.

Sophomore Gavin Laur learned from Wen and looked up to him.

"He was an incredible pianist and artist and very dedicated to what he did," said Laur. "Also very humble and carefree."

Meir said Wen had the brightest future ahead, and will be greatly missed.

"He was going to finish his Ph.D, and, as he said, he was going to go back to China and teach the new generation of Chinese pianists and perform and teach. That was his goal," said Meir.

According to police, the driver who hit Wen was not cited. Cyclists are required to yield when entering a crosswalk.