Controversy surrounds "Honest" brand sunscreen

Some of the pictures posted by angry people who said Honest brand Sunscreen does not work, are downright painful to look at.

Honest company is branded for using natural ingredients & is founded by actress Jessica Alba.

She posted that she is standing by the product, and that they take sun protection very seriously.

Sun screen lotion especially for the little ones can be a battle, just ask Mom of 3 Brittany Shaw.

"And they don't like it and I'm always afraid that I'm going to get it in their eyes but it's just a battle I'm willing to fight," said Brittany Shaw.

Shaw dresses her children in play suits made with SPF protection material, and she puts on sunscreen too, she has never used Honest brand.

"I never bought it because I have other things we use and like and we know work," said Shaw.

Valley dermatologist Cynthia Price says she is a big fan of the SPF clothing, and while many are quick to blame Honest because they or their kids got sunburned, she said the problem may be in the application.

"It could happen with any sunscreen, we've been all on the beach and we thought we re-applied, but you just get a little lax and you relax, you relax and you don't reapply every 40 to 80 minutes," said Dr. Price.

Dr. Price says fool proof sun protection are items like SPF clothing.

"And then you have to look at how many hours you're outside, if you're outside all day sunscreen can only do so much. If you're doing a four oz tube you should go through the whole tube in one day if you're staying all day at the beach and you're an adult," said Price.