Couple accused of animal abuse, children taken from home

A Wittmann couple was arrested for animal abuse, but they could face more serious charges.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies say their two children were living in a home filled with trash and animal waste.

Animal crimes detectives went to the home to look into the claims of animal abuse, but they also found the couple's 2 and 4-year-old children living in what the Sheriff described as filthy conditions.

Matthew and Deeandra Rinard were booked for animal abuse, but the Sheriff said they could face charges of child neglect.

When the detectives came to the Wittmann home, they found a number of dogs on the property, two of them seemed emaciated and near death. Those two were taken to a vet and are now recovering at MCSO's Mash unit.

Inside the home deputies say the floor was covered in trash and feces. MCSO reported the situation to the Department of Child Safety, and the couple's two children were removed from the home.

A neighbor who knows the couple hopes they clean up the property.

"I hope they can get their stuff together and take care of their priorities, and their animals, and their kids. Hopefully get their house cleaned up and get their children back if that is the issue," said Victoria Szuck.

Both Matthew and Deaandra Rinard are facing six counts of animal abuse. They have been booked into the 4th Avenue Jail and depending on the investigation they may later face charges of child neglect.