Democrats wage battle against Arizona's ‘ballot harvesting' law, amid voter fraud concerns

(FOX News) -- Democrats are continuing their legal battle against Arizona's "ballot harvesting" law, claiming it was passed to dilute minority voting power. This comes even as a federal judge recently ruled the law was constitutional.

The law, which makes it illegal for absentee voters to allow others to collect their completed absentee ballots and submit them to election officials on the voters' behalf, was enacted in 2016. Under the law, if a person gets caught taking other people's completed ballots to the polls for them, he or she could face felony charges.

>>VIDEO: Democrats appealing Arizona voter fraud law

The Arizona Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee sued the state and Maricopa County over the law. But it was upheld May 8 after U.S. District Judge Douglas Rayes ruled the groups failed to show that the Arizona legislature passed the law with the intent of suppressing minority voters.

Democrats have vowed to continue their legal fight.

"I respect the court's decision but I don't agree with it and that's why," said State Rep. Richard Andrade, D-Glendale about why the ruling was still being challenged. "It's something that really impacts certain people."

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