Despite opposition, Valley church community continues to help migrants dropped off by ICE in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The problem of dozens of immigrants arriving at Phoenix bus stations with no plans and nowhere to go continues.

Starting with the 9:00 a.m. bus Wednesday and continuing throughout the day, more than 150 people are expected to arrive on buses from the border.

The Monte Vista Church in East Central Phoenix has taken in over 100 migrants, with more than 20 of them children. It was unexpected, but they are managing.

"When they come first, they're scared," said church volunteer Kevin Quintero. "They don't know what they're walking into, but we make them welcome."

Volunteers from the Valley church community have scrambled to house and feed the waves of people who keep arriving at the Greyhound bus terminal in Phoenix. Most of them are from Central America. The goal is to reach their relatives in other states and send them along their way. In the meantime, the church says it's in need of gas cards, kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes of all sizes, and cash for transportation. They know there are people who disapprove of them helping these migrants., but volunteers say they focus on the good in people and ignore the bad.

"We appreciate people who help out and people who don't want to help out, that's on their own," said Quintero.

Jennifer Harrison of AZ Patriots has been very outspoken against illegal immigration and says she would rather see tents put up at the border, with mobile immigration judges to deal with asylum seekers, instead of busing them deeper into the United States.

"Let's process these people as we catch them at the border," said Harrison. "Why are we importing hundreds a day into our cities across the border states? There's no end in sight. Our country, our states, our cities cannot sustain this. This is not immigration. This is a straight up invasion with no control from our government."