DINO-DREAM: 11-year-old wants to give Arizona an official state dinosaur

Jax Weldon is a kid with a dream that might just come true. Jax, 11, wants to give Arizona an official state dinosaur, and Gov. Doug Ducey is on board with the idea.

"Mom showed me the letter, and I didn't know that it would come in the mail anyway so I was very very excited," said Jax, describing how he felt after the Governor responded to his letter about Arizona getting an official dinosaur.

Jax did some research back in October, and it was then that he realized other states in country have state dinosaurs, but not Arizona.

Jax was eager to reach out to the Governor.

"I just thought, 'why not? What's wrong with this?'" said Jax.

Gov Ducey eventually emailed Jax and his family a couple of months later, inviting them to the Capitol. After their meeting, Jax received word that they had a sponsor for the bill.

"Our sponsor was Senator Brophy McGee, who is sponsoring the bill," said Jax. "She got 29 out of 30 signatures in the Senate."

Weldon's teacher, Ms. Debbie Voris, is proud Jax was able to take something he is passionate about, and take it this far.

"It makes me really proud to have a student who is so inquisitive and bright and loves what he does, and is fearless to go fourth and do it," said Voris. "Think about it. He talked to the Governor. That shows good self-confidence, and I love that."

The Phoenix Zoo is hosting the "Dinosaurs in the Desert" exhibit, with over 20 life-size prehistoric creature. One of them is a Brachiosaurus, which is related to the Sonorasaurus.

Mike Foley said having a state dinosaur is a positive thing.

"Any state symbol like that is just another way for us to celebrate Arizona," said Foley.