Donald Trump talks to FOX 10 ahead of Ariz. visit

Donald Trump's run for President has been in the news for the past weeks.

He's coming to Phoenix this weekend, with the event changing from the Biltmore to the Phoenix Convention Center at 2 p.m.

Donald Trump in his own words, and there were a lot of them, as he spoke with FOX 10's Andrea Robinson and Rick D'Amico.

Trump promises to strengthen the border.

"The Mexican Government is sending a lot of bad people with records, criminals with drugs, bad things. They send them over, and we're taking them because we have stupid leadership and bad leaders," said Donald Trump.

Trump hastened to add he has nothing against the Mexican people.

"The Mexican people, I love their spirit, I employ many of them, thousands over the years, I know them, they have had unbelievable spirit and they love me, and in fact I will say I will win the Latino vote when I run," said Trump.

Mr. Trump's other big issue is jobs; he says he can bring them back to America.

"What I am saying is we have tremendous potential from jobs, will take them from Mexico, China, Japan, Vietnam, the new thing like crazy," he said.

"Look at Ford, and a half billion dollar plant, how that helps us when they build cars, have illegals drive them through, why not... I would be the greatest jobs President God ever created, I can tell you," said Trump.

Trump's visit this Saturday should be interesting.

"I look forward to it, I love Arizona, I love Phoenix, there are many times, so many friends there, it is going to be pretty wild," said Trump.