Driver slams into Phoenix business, tells police he fell asleep

A driver plows into a Phoenix business, leaving a huge gaping hole in the building. He told police he fell asleep and doesn't even remember slamming into the store front near 22nd Avenue and Indian School Road.

Police say the driver was heading westbound, lost control of his vehicle crossed all lanes of traffic, hit a tree and then crashed right into the United Aluminum building.

Luckily, no one was inside the office when the SUV crashed into it.

"We were just dumbfounded there for a second," said Walter Penberthy, who is still shaken after the SUV careened through his office building.

"We were helping a customer and it sounded like a bomb went off," he said.

As you can see in the video, the force of the crash sheered the entire wall off of the business.

Penberthy jumped over the counter to check on his co-workers and to see what happened. He was in disbelief to see an SUV sitting in his office.

"That's my office right there -- thank God I wasn't at my desk. I think I would have been killed. That's my desk right there," he said.

Phoenix Police say the driver of the car was not badly hurt and may have had some sort of medical issue that caused him to lose control of the Ford Explorer, cross over all lanes of traffic and crash into the building.

Police say it was lucky nobody was hurt.

"Everybody's fine, just a little shooken up, but everybody's fine," said Penberthy.

Building inspectors were on scene.

No charges will be filed against the driver, whose name has not been released.