Experts have tips on how to prevent tire blowouts during the hot days of summer

As the temperatures rise, it seems like shredded tires, also known as "road gators", are all over the place. As tire blow outs are often caused by the heat, it means people are likely to see more "road gators" when it's extremely hot outside.

Adam Gruender said there could be a couple of factors that lead to tire blowouts, if not checked properly.

"If you're down tread, or the car is hard on tire wear, and you don't check your alignment every six months, there is a lot of factors that go into play," said Gruender, who went on to say it's important to check a car's PSI, or "Pounds per square inch" listing.

"You go right into the door on the driver's side, and there's a plaque from the manufacturer, and it tells you the pressure for the front and the pressure for the rear," said Gruender. "You want to stick as close to those as you can."

In case you are stuck with a tire failure, Gruender said don't panic.

"The best you should do is stay calm," said Gruender. "Don't make any drastic changes, and then just slowly get to the side and roll your blinkers on far enough away from the road."

If you're new to the Calley, Gruender recommends checking your tires more often.

"Every three weeks, check your air pressure," said Gruender. "Don't fill or let air out of a tire when it's extremely hot. The best time to check your tires is before you leave your house. When the climate is nice and cool. The tire hasn't expanded and that's going to give you an accurate reading."