Family of AC technician mourns his sudden death in Avondale

AVONDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Family and friends of a longtime Valley AC technician who suddenly died on the job Thursday are wondering if something else happened.

Authorities say the technician, identified as Steven Ball, was found dead in the attic of a home near Lower Buckeye and 107th Avenue. Officials say just before 7 p.m. on Thursday, the homeowners became concerned and found the man unresponsive when checking on him 30 minutes after he went up into the attic. That's when they called for help.

Firefighters arrived at the home, brought the man down from the attic and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Ball's wife said Steven had a 20-year career as an HVAC technician. To him, it was more than a job. It was how he served the community.

"He's like, you know what? I love it. I just love it,"

"One of those top-notch guys who does anything he can to fit in as many homes as he can in one day," said Seth Grasteit, who found Ball dead in the attic.

"When I went up there, I couldn't feel a pulse," said Grasteit.

Authorities say the death may have been heat-related. However, Ball's family says another technician who looked at the system found another possible cause.

"We believe Steve died from electric shock, not from heatstroke," said Grasteit. "When I found him, he had one hand that was in the wires underneath a blower motor, next to a pan of water that was full."

Ball leaves behind his business, Air Specialists LLC, a wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

"This man was 60 years old, and he was the best example of unconditional love of anyone I've ever known, except for my dad," said Karen Ball, Ball's widow.

GoFundMe for Steve Ball's funeral expenses