Family of woman stabbed to death on the side of Loop 101 speak out

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The family of a woman allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend moments after a car wreck on Loop 101 is speaking out.

25-year-old Fernando Acosta had a court hearing Friday, exactly one week since the murder of his girlfriend, Martha Thy.

Acosta and Thy were living together. DPS says Acosta stabbed Thy at least 20 times.

Thy, who was 33, left behind three daughters. The daughters lost their father more than a year ago.

"That's her drive. That's her energy," said Thy's sister, Salonn Thy. "She works a lot and she always wanted to provide the best thing for them."

Thy's family says she was a beautiful and kind soul who moved to Arizona from California to start a new life with her kids about a year ago. Thy's family said she was selfless.

"She would call and check on my parents and ask how's mom and dad doing, or if we need anything," said Salonn.

They could never imagine what unfolded last Friday, when investigators say Acosta drove Thy's Lexus sedan through a dry canal off the Loop 101, and crashed into a fence. Moments later, Acosta allegedly stabbed Thy several times in the car, and continued the brutal attack on the ground as she crawled out trying to escape. Her sister describes going to the site of the murder.

"We just all lost it. We just couldn't believe it," said Salonn. "Like, I could literally hear her voice in my head. Like, 'help'. I could hear her scream, even though I wasn't there, but just being right there at that site, I could still hear her voice."

Salonn says wakes up in disbelief, knowing what happened to her sister as she crawled out of her car.

"It's beyond anger because what he id, that's just pure evil," said Salonn.

When asked if there were signs of domestic violence, Salonn said Thy kept her relationship with Acosta private, and he didn't speak much to her family either.

"She would always paint the picture like it's OK, I'm good. I'm OK," said Salonn. "We sensed, as a family, that there's something just not right."

Now, Thy's family has a painful message they wish Thy could hear now.

"She didn't have to go through it," said Salonn. "Like, she had us. We're a good family. So many people loved her, like, we didn't realize how much people she had impacted until the situation."

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