Father, son celebrate Father's Day together after they contracted COVID-19 and survived

For a West Valley family, Father’s Day will be even more special for 2020, as a father and son are both out of the hospital, after surviving COVID-19 together.

It started with a sore throat back in late March, and went downhill from there. At first, it was 30-year-old Garette Craig Jr. who felt sick.

"Well, for me, I guess it’s the sickest I’ve ever been," said Craig Jr.

Then, Garette's father, 50-year-old Garette Craig Sr., did as well. Both tested positive on the same day, and were admitted to St. Joe's hospital together, on March 25. Craig Sr. was even told he might die.

"They told me I needed to get on the ventilator or I might die. That’s when I knew it was serious," said Craig Sr.

Back in March, Arizona had 401 known cases. Now, nearly three months later, the state's total number of cases stands at over 46,000.

When Craig Jr. was ending his six-day hospital stay, he finally found out his dad was in real trouble.

"My family has been giving me updates, but they were only telling me the good things," said Craig Jr.

After 13 days, Craig Sr. finally came off a ventilator.

Both men have recovered, and each are now 30 pounds lighter. They want to warn other fathers and sons -- as well as mothers and daughters -- what’s at stake, as they plan for a family Father’s Day celebration that almost wasn’t.

"Learn from our mistakes. Don’t make our mistake your own. Because you may not come out of it," said Craig Sr., who was told after the fact that he had a 23% chance of surviving. He also said he is the first COVID-19 patient at St. Joe's to come off a ventilator alive.