FBI seeking information as investigation over the murder of two brothers on the Navajo Nation continues

In March 2020, a road trip from Ohio to California turned deadly for two brothers who stopped in Northern Arizona. Now, the FBI is investigating, and the victims' family members want answers.

August 21 marks exactly five months from the day Matthew and Philip Reagan were found dead on Navajo Nation territory, and the FBI is now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murders of these two brothers.

Brothers were passing through Arizona when they were murdered

The victims were reportedly on a road trip to California when they were killed.

During the trip, the brothers went sightseeing and left New Mexico for another stop, ending up near Sawmill, a town in Northeastern Arizona and within the Navajo Nation, on March 21.

"Their car got stuck in the mud, and they were walking back towards Sawmill when it happened," said Shear.

Authorities say Matthew and Philip were found dead with gunshot wounds.

Loved ones remember victims, express concerns

As the investigation continues, the victims' loved ones fear a suspect will never be found.

"It's really a surreal nightmare. You don't think any of it is real," said Maureen Shear.

Shear remembers how close her younger brothers were. She says they loved teaming up.

"They always tried to work together on projects, tinker, and learn from each other," said Shear.

Matthew, 39, was a husband and a father of five who designed HVAC systems. Philip, 29, was headed to California for a maintenance job. The victims' mother, Diana Reagan, spent time with them before the trip.

"It's harder, just that they're both dead than how they died,' said Reagan.

FBI officials say the suspects are unknown, and family members say authorities aren't giving them many details either.

"To be patient. 'We'll tell you what we can tell you' kind of thing. 'Be patient.' That seems to be the theme," said Shear.

Anyone with information should call FBI officials in Phoenix, or head to the FBI website.

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