Female Gilbert police officers benefiting from infant at work program

GILBERT, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Going back to work after having a baby can be a stressful time for a new mom.

Gilbert Police officers Denise Parker and Candice Allen are both typically patrolling the town of Gilbert, but ever since having baby Jesse and baby Charlotte, things have changed. Being new mothers, both took maternity leave, and have been put on light duty now being back at work, but luckily for them, they didn't have to go back alone, thanks to the new infant at work program the babies tag along to work with mom.

"This has helped me adjust. I know that I can still be a mom with a career and still do what I need to do," said Parker.

Both moms have all of their baby essentials with them at their desks. At the police department, there's even a mother's room.

"I can feed her when I have to feed her. I'm a breast-feeding mom, so I do have to take breaks to pump as well while I'm at work. I come down here to this room, which has been amazing to have," said Allen.

"He sits with me, watches me work. If he gets fussy, he comes and sits on my lap. We can take a lap around PD," said Parker.

The babies will have to hang up their badge at six months old. Although leaving them will be tough, both Parker and Allen are thankful for the extra bit of time with their new bundle of joy.

"As a mother, it makes me feel like they care," said Allen. "I am a female, that's no secret. There's certain aspects of my life that are going to make me a little different than a male officer, so I feel like it is more female friendly."

This program isn't just for new moms. It's also for new dads. Dads, just like the moms, are able to get involved with the program.