Firefighters save dog from Valley house fire

For a brief moment, Dolly Housner didn't think her beloved Border Collie, Carter, would make it.

"He wasn't breathing, they brought him through the front door, he wasn't breathing," she said. "Scary, very scary. He's my buddy."

In the early-morning hours, a fire ripped through the north Phoenix home she lives in. Housner and her roommate were able to grab their two dogs and escape the heavy flames and thick smoke, but Carter was stuck inside.

"One of our firefighters found that dog, it was barely breathing," Capt. Rob McDade of the Phoenix Fire Department said. "(He) carried him out of the house and Glendale (Fire) immediately grabbed their FIDO bag. We have everything we need to save that dog. Every fire truck's got that on there and our folks are doing well at training. We use these a bit more than we ever did and this is what a great outcome; we have the dog with their owner right here."

Housner is relieved that Carter is expected to make a full recovery and the firefighters, the heroes in this story, say they know first-hand how important pets are and would do the same for any animal.

"Thank you so much, I would have been devastated without him," she said.