Gilbert Police: Man accused of burglarizing home on 3 occasions

Gilbert Police officials are accusing a 28-year-old man of burglarizing a home on three occasions.

According to documents submitted to court, Mitchell Lee Klotz was arrested at a business near Houston Avenue and Gilbert Road during the early morning hours of Monday.

Officers responded to the scene for a burglary alarm, and found Klotz leaving from the back of the building. While officers were trying to arrest Klotz, he kicked an officer in the head, causing minor injuries.

Klotz, according to court documents, later admitted to police that he entered the business through a rear door, but said he did not remain inside. Items allegedly stolen from the business were found inside a backpack that was found along with a bicycle on the parking lot of the business. The two items were identified as being owned by Klotz.

Mitchell Lee Klotz

Police also say Klotz is the suspect of three separate burglary incidents that happened at a home near the intersection of Elliot and Gilbert Roads. The incidents happened on October 10, 2018, May 12, 2019, and September 7, 2019.

Klotz reportedly admitted to the three burglaries, and detailed how he got onto the property, how he left, and what items were taken. Klotz said the items taken included a pearl necklace, and that items taken in the last burglary were given to "street people".

Klotz, according to police, said he broke into the hose because it is close to where he lives, and the alleged victim is never home.

A judge has ordered Klotz to be released on his own recognizance, and has also been ordered to submit himself to DNA testing within five days of his release.