Giving back: Arizona food blogger tips big to struggling restaurants

An Arizona food blogger is giving back to the very restaurants that she features with the help of donations from her followers.

Diana Brandt, also known as "azfoodie" to her over a hundred thousand Instagram followers, knows firsthand the difficulty local restaurants are facing.

"It hurts to see all the different struggles they continue to have to go through at this time, on top of having to see them close," said Brandt.

After watching a food blogger in another state give big tips out to restaurant workers, she decided to do the same thing in the Valley.

"It blew up -- people donate every week," Brandt said. "We've been doing this for 6 weeks, I think, and we're at $11,000 in tips."

Brandt surprises restaurants around the Valley with a $1,000 tip.

"Sometimes I just feel very drawn to something and we go there -- sometimes we know a place has been really struggling and we'll hit that place up, sometimes it's just where I happen to be going at the time," Brandt said.

The blogger says she loves being able to give back.

"People don't know how to respond -- a lot of people are like, 'Are you serious? ' " Brandt said. "It's been incredible to experience."

Want to donate? Check out her Instagram:

Donate to her Venmo: @diana-brandt-2