Glendale police arrest man in connection to kidnapping, sexual assault of woman and 3 armed robberies

Police have arrested a man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman before committing three armed robberies in Glendale.

According to Glendale police, a woman was walking with her puppy on October 30 when a man drove up to her and stunned her with his car door. The woman screamed and tried to fight him off, but he threatened to cut her with a knife if she didn't stop screaming.

As the woman continued to fight with the man, he cut her with the knife and forced her into the car. He then drove her to another location, sexually assaulted her and tried to kill her.

Police say the woman was able to escape and found someone who called 911.

In addition to her personal belongings, the man also took the woman's 8-week-old puppy, Kiki, and brought it home to his girlfriend who then dropped it off at a shelter. Police say they've contacted local shelters, but have not been able to find Kiki.

On November 1, police responded to three separate armed robberies -- the first at a convenience store at 51st Avenue and Orangewood where the suspect was dressed in a Halloween costume, the second at a motel near 59th Avenue and Glendale where the suspect wore a surgical mask and the third at a gas station near 51st Avenue and Olive where the suspect wore a hockey mask.

Police say during each robbery, the suspect was armed with a handgun and demanded money.

Investigators say the description of the suspect and vehicle in the armed robberies matched the suspect in the kidnapping and sexual assault. Police then identified and arrested 32-year-old Jer'Marion Moses Imasuku in connection to the kidnapping, sexual assault and armed robberies.

He's been booked into jail and is accused of multiple charges.

Jer'Marion Imasuku