Globe school principal resigns following controversy over unreported potential school threat

The principal at Globe's High Desert Middle School has resigned, amidst mounting controversies surrounding a potential school threat that was not reported to Globe Police.

The school is the subject of controversy, after Globe Police say school officials were made aware of a potential threat on March 28, but did not notify police. Police were notified of the potential threat, via a concerned parent, on the morning of March 29.

The unidentified administrator's resignation was announced, in a letter to parents that was posted on Globe Unified School District's Facebook page.

According to Globe Police, the principal is facing endangerment charges.

According to the letter, which was signed by Superintendent Jerry Jennex, the incident has brought to light the fact that the school district needs to make sure that staff members "do not become complacent and that all of our safety protocols are updated".

In addition, the letter outlined steps the school district will take, including building walkthroughs prior to the start of school sessions, as well as increased police presence, and making students aware of the consequences of threatening students, staff and/or schools.