Golf courses devastated by flooding; crews clean up debris, clear paths

The Gold Canyon Golf Resort received a lot of rain in just a short amount of time, which led to some serious flooding.

"It came up so fast that we did everything we could to alert the guests, who kinda congregated in an area that was safe on the golf course," said Scott Scherger, the director of golf at the resort. He told us they waited about 45 minutes for the weather to pass.

Two courses at a mountainside hotel that are just three minutes from the U.S. 60 were devastated. Now crews are working to clean up debris and clear the golf cart paths at Dinosaur Mountain.

"It drains really well on this side... so mainly it was a lot of debris on the golf cart paths, some of the fairways and bunkers got some water.. but nothing infrastructure wise," said Scherger.

So while they try to clean up the two courses, they're just grateful things weren't any worse.

"Thankfully, nobody was hurt, that was our main priority, and we got everybody off the golf course safely.. and here we are today, the sun is shining," said Scherger. "We came out of this fairly unscathed on this side."

Dinosaur Mountain is expected to open on August 11, while Sidewinder will most likely be closed through August 12.