Golf tournament gives back to recalibrated veterans

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Avid golfers and recalibrated veterans took to the golf course to not only have fun but raise funds for a great cause, to help veterans get back to their normals lives in a unique way.

Travis Mills calls himself a recalibrated warrior.

"I put my backpack down on a bomb, it took both arms and legs eventually, so now, I'm one of five quadruple amputees from the wars," said Travis Mills, an Army veteran.

How was he able to stay positive and maintain his sense of humor through it all?

"19 months recovery and my wife stayed by my side and learn how to walk with my daughter, as a parent, that's kind of cool," said Mills.

He's at the heart of the Travis Mills Foundation but lives in Maine.

So how did this second annual golf tournament come to Arizona? Thanks to avid golfer Dan Krpata, whose sister had her leg amputated. She went to one of Travis's retreats.

"She said that she felt the most comfortable," said Dan Krpata, the tournament coordinator. "A lot of programs for Wounded Warriors, and one thing that Travis does is he doesn't call them wounded warriors, they're recalibrated warriors. From that sense, you're not wounded, we'll find ways to get through the problems that you have."

The retreats through the Travis Mills Foundation offers veterans a chance to hang out with other disabled veterans families and relax together.

"She felt like she was one of the family, it wasn't just joined in with the group so it helped her a lot," said Krpata.

Organizers of the golf tournament are hoping to raise $25,000 to help veterans like Dan's sister.

To learn more about the Travis Mills Foundation click here.