Hamilton High School hazing suspect pleads not guilty in court appearance

Nathaniel Thomas, a 17-year-old being tried as an adult in connection with the football hazing scandal at Hamilton High School, entered a plea of not guilty Thursday in a court arraignment.

Thomas, who is one of three people arrested, bailed out of jail last week, and is under house arrest. The two other people being charged in the case are currently tried as juveniles, but prosecutors have reportedly asked the court to try the two as adults as well.

As for Thomas, he reportedly spent a week at the Lower Buckeye Jail. His attorney, Ken Countryman, said he was kept in a pod with other teens.

"It was not a pleasant experience," said Countryman.

Thomas, who is a high school junior, is reportedly continuing his education online, while he's at home. He is reportedly banned from going on to social media sites, and banned from seeing his friends.

"It's a real change to not be able to see your friends," said Countryman. "At that age, your friends are the most important thing to you, so he's dealing with it. He has tremendous support from not only his mom, but from the community."

In court Thursday, Thomas' attorney asked a judge to bar the media from showing Thomas' face during the arraignment, arguing he is trying to protect his client, who is still a minor. In addition, prosecutors also asked the judge to ban attorneys from talking to the media.

The judge denied both requests.