Here's how the Arizona Coyotes celebrate International Women's Day each day

Monday, March 8 is International Women's Day, a day for women to be celebrated for their economic, cultural and political achievements.

And did you know the Arizona Coyotes has one of the largest employee bases of women in the league?

Coyotes President and CEO Xavier Gutierrez says inclusion is his top priority in all aspects of the organization, wanting to make it a more normal thing to be a woman in sports.

"Borrowing the words of the great Wayne Gretzky of going where the puck is going in order to succeed -- if you look at where the puck is going in America, it is going young, it is going female and it is going multicultural," Gutierrez said.

Since his first day on the job, he says his goal was to create an organization of excellence. Gutierrez says helping him achieve that goal was the large executive team and employee base of women --the Coyotes has one of the largest in the league and in all of the professional sports leagues.

Marina Carpenter, executive vice president of public affairs and general counsel, says, "I want to be judged on what I can contribute and the skills I can bring to the table and that’s how I’ve been made to feel."

Carpenter has been with the Coyotes since 2016 and she says she's always felt part of the team. When she first started, she says she was one of the only women in the meetings. Now, there are dozens.

"It’s great because now I’m so focused on the next generation. Until I had a daughter of my own, I was just thinking of me, but being a mom really puts it into perspective that you want to create opportunities for your daughter and sons that you want to dream big and find a spot that they can contribute," Carpenter said.

Lyndsey Fry, now calls games with the best of them. She knows the game in and out and she's grateful the Coyotes gave her the opportunity to pave the way for the next group of women who want to go in the field.

"I think for me, one of the motivators in taking the radio job is because I was one of the only women doing it and I think it’s really important for us women for when we have an opportunity to do something that not many other women are doing and be a role model for young girls. I think that’s the biggest thing we can do to make a difference," Fry said.

Gutierrez says this is just the beginning. He says they will continue to look for talented women to hire in all types of positions.