Internet exchange sales: Increased sites mean more opportunities for crooks

It's becoming a popular way to sell old stuff or find a great bargain, but Phoenix Police have a warning about buying or selling items advertised online. was the pioneer of these types of sales, but in recent years, apps such as Swip Swap and Close Five have popped up and police say that means more opportunities for crooks.

Officials say they have seen an increase in robberies linked to these types of exchanges and want to make sure buyers and sellers are being more careful.

"The point that we're trying to get across here is there is no item, there is no amount of money or level of convenience that is worth your personal safety and your health," said Lt. Paul Taylor.

Police say make sure the exchange happens in a public area, like a mall or busy parking lot. Don't go alone -- bring a friend or family member. Try to make the exchange during daylight hours and always trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, pass on the deal.