It's almost October, which means it's time to start planning a Halloween costume!

You don't want to be that guy in the lame costume on Halloween, so we're going to Easley's Costume Shop in Phoenix to find out what the trends are going to be this year.

So, last year the trends were Star Wars and Pokemon, but this year we're talking Game of Thrones because, you know, Halloween is coming, but Sam, it's not just Game of Thrones. What else?

"Lots of movies, lots of TV shows; Wonder Woman, she's the big hit this year," Samantha Trosclair said. "She was the most popular last year, and she's going to be the most popular this year again. Power Rangers, that's going to be huge this year. That would be a great group costume, everyone dresses up in the different colors."

Samantha says another costume is going to be very popular this year, too.

"And then Belle, of course," she said. "Everyone wants to be a princess. The original blue version when she's in the village or you can do the yellow dress and your beast with you. A cute couple's costume."

Another popular costume idea this year is the clown because of the movie "It." So, thanks for the nightmares, Steven King!

No matter your costume, start thinking!