Laveen neighborhood on 'poop patrol' amid public defecation problem at neighborhood parks

Something stinks in a portion of Laveen. Literally.

Neighbors in the area are finding a mess left behind at two area playgrounds. From trash and discarded drugs, to people using the playgrounds as outdoor bathrooms.

"He pooped right in the kids' playground, in a sandbox," said resident Colette Zaharko, who lives near one of the parks.

Zaharko snapped several disturbing pictures, after the playground became a personal potty. She’s not sure who’s behind the mess, but it stinks.

"We could tell it was human poop because there was a paper next to it and the pee next to it. It was so disgusting," said Zaharko.

At park number two (no pun intended), someone often leaves behind a number two, along with teens dropping trash and drugs.

Ken Smith, who lives in the area, says a homeless woman sees the playground as her one bedroom, one bathroom home, so to speak.

"She sleeps over there at night on the jungle gym and uses it as her bathroom and leaves her trash behind," said Smith. "We actually picked this lot for that park so our grandkids could play there. Instead, this is something we have to deal with."

Neither park has any lights, so one of the residents suggests that maybe lighting the area at night would help keep away unwanted action.

Until then, however, it's a mess.

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