Legally blind veteran to run Phoenix Marathon

When James Carey hit the road for the upcoming Phoenix Marathon, he won't be alone.

"Forty volunteers are going to help push me through it, it should be a whole lot of fun and stuff," said Staff Sgt. James Carey.

The volunteers will take turns pushing James, just as James was surrounded by supporters in an Orange County, California marathon.

James will take part in the half marathon in the Phoenix Marathon on the 28th of February. The starting line is at Usury Pass, and it ends at the Bass Pro Shops in Mesa.

Military buddies will also be there, also police officers, volunteers from Orange Theory Fitness, and many more.

"I just think that in this country people are trying to help in some ways, there is so much bad, and the way people are giving back more and more from what I see," said Yvette Sierra.

One of James' very biggest fans is his 5-year-old daughter Autumn. All of this gives James the confidence that he can make it across the finish line.

"I just know anyone can do a marathon, no matter what age you are, or anything like that," said Carey.