Lip fillers: What to know before you go under the needle

Even though getting a filler injected into your lips does not produce permanent results, it's still a big decision and that's why it's important you do your research on who will be administering your injections, what training they've had and which product will work best on your face.

Dr. Maggie Husami, who regularly performs lip injections at Derma Health, says the number one rule when it comes to getting the beauty treatment is to know the person behind the needle.

"Know their qualifications or ask them if you're not sure," she said. "That's super important, so whether they're a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, PA, [or] in the state of Arizona, they're all licensed to perform lip injections."

Even if someone claims to have their license, ask to see it, or some proof of training.

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The next thing you'll want to look for in your provider is knowledge of the injectables.

"The provider should know yes, this is the right product for you," Dr. Husami said. "A lot of the products that we use for the lips are similar in their consistency, but it's also what the patient is looking for, as well as what we know is safe."

For example, Juvederm may be better for one type of patient and Restylane may be better for another, depending on their specific anatomy.

Dr. Husami says you also want to have an idea of what to expect and what is not normal post-injection.

"Excessive swelling; absolutely call your medical provider for sure, so there is usually some swelling that occurs because there's water being drawn in," she said. "That's why the filler's so great to begin with. It provides that plump appearance. Excessive swelling and a lot of pain is not normal."

Major lumps, bumps or anything that looks and feels like it could be an infection is a red flag and you should see your medical provider immediately for treatment.

Dr. Husami says if you aren't satisfied after receiving an injectable, that there is something you can do.

"If you didn't feel like you were in the right hands, maybe go get a consult with another provider that can take care of you, but usually it's the Hyaluronidase, the Hylenex type of products that can dissolve the product and you can start over from there," she said.