Made In Arizona: Woman turns father's cookies into local business

They are not your grandma's typical chocolate chip cookies. "Nom's Bake Shop" is baking up some treats that are anything but average.

"We started actually out of my parent's house," said co-owner Allison Martin. "It was my dad's recipes that kind of started the whole business."

Martin loved her father's cookies as a kid, and word about his baking skills spread fast. He started baking in bulk for friends and family.

"They would always tell us 'these are the best cookies we've ever had! These are the best cookies!'" said Martin. "We kinda got pushed into starting a business."

Before long, Nom's Bake Shop, based in Phoenix, was born.

"It's a play on words," said Martin. "When you're eating something, nom nom nom."

They're pros at giving the perfect gift. A personalized box of cookies to make the recipient feel special. There are also gluten-free and vegan options.

"We mainly work with a lot of companies," said Martin. "So, people that are doing prospecting gifts, thank you gifts, referral gifts. It's any of those, so they can actually add their custom company logo on there."

Or, if you're throwing a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, they'll custom make a logo on the cookie sleeves, as well as the box they come in.

"We have like the full spectrum of flavors," said Chelsea Martin with Nom's Bake Shop. "So, we do have your chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, but one thing we really love to do is take new flavors and give it an extra twist. lemon poppy seed, peanut butter and jelly. red velvet chocolate chip, maple cinnamon oatmeal, peanut butter s'mores, basically any kind of flavor you want, we have."

Fresh-baked cookies with a unique spin, guaranteed to make you feel nom-tastic.

"We kinda wanted to change the industry to make it something that instead of giving gifts that you have to, giving gifts that you want to," said Martin.


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