Man dead after officer-involved shooting in Mesa

An officer-involved shooting in Mesa has taken a strange turn Sunday.

On Thursday, officers said they shot a man who was threatening them with a gun, and investigators originally said the man, who had been shot in the arm, would survive.

Sunday morning, however, FOX 10 Phoenix has learned that the suspect is dead.

According to a Mesa police statement released on Thursday, police responded that afternoon to an area near the 1800 block of E. Nielson. When officers arrived, they said the man was in front of the house with a weapon, and shots were fired by officers.

The man, according to the statement retreated into the home, and within a few moments, he was seen at the back of the home with a weapon, posing a threat. A second shooting, according to police, happened.

According to Mesa police on Thursday, the suspect suffered a gunshot wound to his arm, and was taken to the hospital.

The suspect's roommate said it didn't come as a major shock, saying the suspect has been living there for quite some time, and the last few weeks has been nothing but chaos.

In addition, the suspect's roommate said the suspect has threatened him before, and things were not going well.

"I knew he was dangerous, but he's a talker too," said the man. "He has never really had any action before. He just talks. I thought he was harmless until the third day."

Many of the neighbors also said they were familiar with the suspect.

According to the suspect's family, the suspect died in the operating room, and the family believes he was shot more than once.

FOX 10 has reached out to Mesa police for comment.