Man fuming after Uber trip with an accused drunk driver

A Valley man said his Uber driver was noticeably intoxicated when he got a ride in October. The man also said when he called the company to try and get them to suspend the driver's account, they were no help.

Justin Knutson had just moved to Phoenix in October when he grabbed an Uber. Something about that trip, however, was not right.

"He starts to drive, we tell him to make a right turn at the next street, he drives past that street, which was kind of odd, he stops in the middle of the road, backs up," said Knutson.

Knutson and a friend had a few drinks, and decided it was best for someone else to drive. Little did they know the driver they were paired with was probably drunker than they were.

"As we're rolling up to the stop sign, he makes the comment of, 'I need to really stop drinking so much,'" said Knutson.

Knutson got on the phone with Uber and recorded the conversation. Knutson was not pleased with the company's response.

"Understanding is not fixing the issue that we have right now. I'm please asking if you could pass me off to your manager, because we'd like to get the driver off the road as soon as possible," Knutson said, during the phone call.

Knutson called 911, after he got nowhere with Uber. He said he primarily called 911 to get the driver off the road. Since then, Scottsdale Police arrested the driver Robert Danahay. Danahay allegedly blew a .24 in the field, which is three times over the legal limit.

"With the holidays and everyone going to take Ubers and stuff like that, I really just wanted people to know that you can't trust that driver's gonna be sober," said Knutson.

Knutson says he has deleted his Uber, app after the incident. Meanwhile, Uber provided FOX 10 Phoenix with this statement that reads: