Man paralyzed after Phoenix Police shooting claims officer lied in report

PHOENIX -- A Valley man who claims he was shot in the back by Phoenix Police says she's planning to file a lawsuit. The shooting left 35-year-old Edward Brown paralyzed from the chest down.

Police say Brown was reaching for an officer's gun when he was shot, but Brown and his attorneys say that's not what happened.

Attorneys for Brown claim Officer Kenneth Silvia lied in the police report when he said Brown tried to grab his gun.

"If Edward had been trying to take the gun from the police officer.. he would've been shot in the front, not in the back," said attorney Tom Horne.

Brown showed reporters where the bullet entered his back. It happened on August 5 near Glenrosa and 21st Avenue. Police were investigating a tip that a group of people in an alley were doing drugs.

According to police records, when Officer Silvia and his partner arrived at the scene, they tried to talk to Brown, but he took off running and officers gave chase. Brown ran through yards, jumped two fences, but couldn't make it over a third. Officer Silvia was not far behind. He says Brown charged at him, made a swiping motion for his gun, so he fired a shot.

When asked why Brown ran from police in the first place, attorney Sandra Slaton replied, "That's really irrelevant to what happened to this man. He was shot in the back and slaughtered."

Attorneys claim Brown didn't commit a crime and ran out of fear.

Brown is a convicted felon who went to prison for unlawful flight from officers and burglary.

According to police, Brown admitted he ran because he had a warrant, but denies charging at the officer and reaching for his gun.

Officer Silvia did not have a police body camera. He is back on patrol, and there are internal and criminal investigations underway.

Brown is facing one charge of aggravated assault on an officer and marijuana possession.

A protest on Brown's behalf is planned to take place on September 28 in downtown Phoenix.