Man sentenced to nearly 100 years in prison for shooting DPS trooper in face

A man has been sentenced to nearly 100 years in prison for shooting an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper in the face during a traffic stop.

Ramon Bueno was convicted on several counts, including aggravated assault and drive-by shooting, but the jury failed to reach a decision on an attempted murder charge.

Investigators say Bueno shot Trooper James Casey in the face during a traffic stop in October 2014. In the moments leading up to the incident, Casey and two ofer troopers pulled over the car Bueno was riding. As Casey questioned the passengers, he was shot.

Ramon Bueno

Casey survived and returned to DPS before retiring last year.

Speaking in court today, Casey told the judge if it were possible, he would want Bueno to be sentenced to 155 years in prison for every stitch he had in his face.

"He's in his mid-40s, so he'll never walk out of prison, and that's kinda what my goal was, so I was very pleased with that sentence," said Casey.

Casey said the incident in October 2014 could have ended without anyone getting hurt.

"Unfortunately, it cost me an early career," said Casey.

In court, prosecutors say Bueno was proud of his prison status, while the presiding judge recognized the respect he has shown her in court.

"What that says to me is you have the capacity, and you have made choices that have resulted in grave harm to many, many people," said the judge.