Man's service dog stolen outside grocery store

It's as terrible as it sounds -- a man was inside a Fry's Grocery Store when his German Shepherd service dog was stolen from him.

Reginald Smith tied up his dog, Tabitha, outside of the Fry's at 30th Street and Thomas Road to run inside and pick up prescriptions.

He says a witness at the store said a full-figured Caucasian woman and a male companion grabbed Tabitha and drove off in a white box moving truck on June 13th, 2017, one day after he had registered her as a service dog.

Smith was struck by a drunk driver in a hit and run accident while he was crossing McDowell Road in March of 2015. The accident caused him to fall into a coma for two months. After a long rehabilitation and recovery, he was able to get a service dog which he depends on for mobility, balance and emotional support.

She is very friendly, and knows how to sit, lay down, shake hands and play fetch.

She has dark spots on her tongue. Her favorite toys are palm sized rocks, tennis balls, and stuffed animals.

If you'd like to help Smith with his search, and to start training a new service dog, please visit his GoFundMe.