Mattress company Tuft and Needle opens store in Phoenix

They say good things come in small packages, but what about a mattress that fits in a standard-sized cardboard box.

A valley based company has created just that, a cutting edge design with no springs, just foam.

The mattress has been a top-seller on and now you can test one out, and buy it right here in Phoenix.

Tuft and Needle have just opened its very first store front.

The co-founders literally tore apart a $3000 mattress to figure out what makes a good product. They engineered a special foam and came up with a lightweight bed that's much cheaper than traditional competitors. And even their California King fits neatly into a portable box.

The company operates out of a sleek downtown workspace; it's a company that is turning the mattress industry on its head.

"There're all these problems with the shopping experience, but also the price is very broken as well, there's price gouging going on to customers, and we wanted to fix that problem first and foremost," said Dahee Park.

Dahee Park and J.T. Marino are the co-founders of Tuft and Needle. Frustrated by showroom sales and inflated costs, the Penn. State alums took on the challenge: "Is it possible to design a mattress without having to make six different versions for different types of people? Can we make just one?"

The result is a lightweight and portable mattress at a fraction of the competitions cost. The patented foam is the magic ingredient in each product. Each bed is sold straight to the consumer, rolled up tightly like a burrito, and stuffed into a box ready to move.

"We compress it down as we like suck the air out of it, as soon as we break the plastic it will begin to expand," said John-Thomas Marino.

Tuft and Needle is now the #1 mattress on Amazon. The company now sells the bed out of it's location and has a store in San Francisco this fall.

"We really believe this is the future for mattress development and in the industry, and you know we started it, so it kind of gives me goosebumps thinking about that," said Marino.

Another factor that makes Tuft and Needle unique is that it offers a 100-day trial if you buy in person or on their website. Don't like it, and you can return it without any fees. A basic twin bed costs $350 and their biggest bed; a California King is only $750.