Mesa employees pack meals for food bank during day of service on 9/11 anniversary

The anniversary of 9/11 also marks a day of service across America. Employees working for a Mesa company celebrating its 20th anniversary spent their morning giving back to the community. 

About 400 employees from the Openlane office in Mesa lined up bright and early Wednesday morning to help pack meal bags for the United Food Bank. 

"We are an online used car auction for dealers and commercial institutions," said Peter Kelly with Openlane. 

Each person had a job to do that was equally important. 

"We thought what better way to celebrate than to get back to our community, we want to be participants in the community," said Kelly. 

The employees packed emergency bags of food for the United Food Bank. 

"These are our bread and butter products, really this is the base of what every distribution has are the emergency food bags," said Dave Richins with United Food Bank. 

Peanut butter, canned beans, and soup to name a few. 

"Having partnerships with companies like Openlane it's exciting because not only do they give us their time when they give their treasure it pays for gas and employees to drive up to the White Mountains and deliver this food," said Richins. 

Openlane also donated $10,000, which will help pay for 40,000 additional meals. 

The emergency bags made Wednesday will be distributed in Apache and Navajo counties.