Mother of babysitter allegedly assaulted by Mesa man speaks

A few days ago, FOX 10 Phoenix reported on a Mesa man who was arrested and accused of assaulting two of his babysitters, within the past few weeks. On Wednesday, the parents of one of the alleged victims spoke.

"There are more victims out there I know there is," said the alleged victim's mother. "I want you to come forward. If anybody ever babysitted for Dion Earl and his family, please come forward. Talk to your girls. Talk to your daughters, because it could have been your aunt. It could have been your sister. It could have been your daughter."

Earl, 44, was arrested by Mesa Police on October 28, accused of sexually abusing and assaulting two young women. The victims are reportedly 18 and 21 years old.

One incident allegedly took place in September, with the second a month later. Both alleged victims had been hired to babysit Earl's kids.

"Thank god she wasn't raped. That's all we have to hold on to," said the mother, whose daughter was the alleged 18-year-old victim. "But he took a little bit of innocence away from her."

According to court paperwork, Earl admitted he asked the two girls to enter his bedroom, but claimed the victims were the aggressor.

"There's no way that my daughter was the aggressor in this, or any other young ladies," said the mother. "Let the record be clear. That is not true. That is a lie."

Earl was also accused of molesting two women in Seattle, but prosecutors declined to press charges. The women, however, filed a lawsuit and received nearly $1 million in damages and legal fees.

The creeps are not just always in hoodies and sunglasses or on bikes," said the woman. "The criminals are in your backyards. They are your coaches. They are your teachers. They are everybody. My life, and my motivation is to make sure this man stays behind bars. Dion Earl messed with the wrong family, and the wrong daughter."