Nearly 50 Valley parents shadow their children at work

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - They've raised us, supported us and taught us everything they know -- our parents have prepared us for the real world.

So why not take them to work?

"Most people, this is where you are most of the time and so when you're talking to your parents, mine live in Michigan, so when I'm on the phone with them they have no clue what I do," Rachel Hunter said.

In honor of National Take Your Parents to Work Day, employees at Desert Financial headquarters spent the day with mom and dad.

"I've always been a momma's boy, I'm not going to lie to you, so when I bring her here, I just want to show off -- like see there's a gym and see there's the conference room," Jose Graciano said.

"I would always take him to Take Your Child to Work Day and now it's vice-versa and I'm so excited to see how well he's done and everything he's learned today that I didn't know about the company itself and now with my son and what he does," said Joanna Cuevas, Jose's mom. "I'm very proud."

Bonding over breakfast, hearing from the credit union's CEO and touring headquarters, parents say they couldn't be prouder of their kids.

"It's a wonderful opportunity," Fred Braithwaite said. "I haven't been in the workforce in 25 years and the change up there and seeing all the computer screens. I used to get rather aggravated and pull the plug (whoops) just like that! "

"He has instilled in me, raising me with a lot of work ethics and as a small, small child I went to work with him and shadowed him," Janet Logan said. "I just think the world of him and love my dad."