New craft brewery movie theater opens in Chandler

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) - In honor of National Beer Day, there is a new craft brewery in Chandler that is entertaining on multiple levels.

Lead Brewer, Marisa Bernal, is hard at work. She's in charge of multiple brews at Flix, a new brewery and movie theater in Chandler.

The theater is designed to allow guests to see the entire process of how the beer is made, from the first steps until it comes out of the tap.

"You can see that the beer comes from this side, that you're drinking fresh from a tank," said Marisa Bernal. "This is called the bright tanks, this is a giant keg, the beer that comes onto this side is carbed up and sent down to the draft tower where it's poured and served to guests."

Bernal has a background in winemaking but has now taken her talents to make craft beer in a fun, new setting. For her, every day is Beer Day.