New law allows anyone to get blood test results

A new law allows a person to get any lab test without a physicians request or authorization.

Some Walgreens stores around the valley are offering Theranos Blood Testing.

The company's promotional video walks you through a process that it touts as cheaper, more convenient, and easier on patients because many tests only require a pinprick of blood as opposed to a traditional blood draw.

You get results depending on the tests within 48 hours or less, says the company.

For instance, if you wanted to get your cholesterol numbers. Theranos charges 2.99.

You get the test, get the number, but that is where some doctors see a downside. Will you be left trying to figure out what that number means with no medical expertise or guidance?

"We can't just look at one number and say if this is good, is this bad? We need to know your history, do you smoke, we need to know so much more," said Dr. Natasha Bhuyan.

Theranos offers an MD connect service that will help patients interpret their blood test results.

Dr. Bhuyan says she believes the direct blood testing will empower patients in many ways, but she cautions they should talk to a doctor who can help them interpret their blood test results received.

"I don't want patients to order these labs and have a false sense of security when they get a normal lab value, I also don't want them to get alarmed when the lab test is abnormal, but it doesn't really mean anything," said Bhuyan.