New video shows fiery crash at Mesa gas station that injured 2 puppies

FOX 10 has obtained new video showing the moments of a crash at an East Valley gas station that sparked a fire.

The crash happened at a Quik Trip gas station on McKellips Road near the Loop 202. Police say the driver, who was likely impaired, ran into a pump, causing the fire and then made a run for it, leaving Shar-Pei puppies inside the vehicle.

In the surveillance video, a truck was seen crashing right into one of the gas pumps, with the driver running away as the pump burns.

Firefighters later arrived to put out the fire and rescue the puppies inside.

"The only way to get it out was for me to protect the dogs from the fire, so I had the nozzle spraying the fire from the dashboard," explained Mesa firefighter Eric Brunyer. "The entire dashboard was on fire, and the other crew behind me were able to open the back door. Had to break a window, and pull them out."

Amazingly, the puppies only had minor injuries.

One was worse than the other one," Brunyer said. "They did have -- I'm not sure what it was, some type of plastic burn all over. Stuck to their paws, looking pretty bad. We took them inside the QT because it was warmer, there was more light, so we could see."

The driver, identified as Eduardo Marquez, was arrested and taken to a hospital.

Meanwhile, the puppies remain in protective custody with the Arizona Humane Society.