Newly-released report claims to list priests accused of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Dozens of Roman Catholic clergy members have been accused of sexual abuse, and on Wednesday, their names were revealed.

Several of the listed in the book have died, or their whereabouts are unknown. The event held on Wednesday was meant to, in part, apply pressure to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix into being more transparent.

The list may be called a "Book of Shame", with pictures of dozens of priests and deacons who have worked in the Diocese of Phoenix at one time, but were accused of sexual conduct with a minor, or removed due to the same accusations.

"We look at each of these names a hundred names. We can see 10, 20, a hundred children abused by each one of those. That means so many people are being harmed," said Tim Lennon with the Survivor's Network. "As long as this information is buried, then our communities are not safe."

The Anderson Report, along with the event on Wednesday, was organized by Phoenix attorney Jeff Anderson. Speakers at Wednesday's event all pointed to Arizona's new law that was passed in May, which extended the amount of time victims have to take civil action against perpetrators of child abuse from two years to 12 years, and allowing victims to pursue justice up to the age of 30.

"A new law that gives survivors an opportunity and a chance to expose offenders, and those that chose to protect them," said Anderson.

"We know that children will disclose sexual abuse when they feel it's safe," said attorney Bob Pastor. "This legislation creates an environment where survivors know and will feel like they are safe, and we are here to stand with you and say you are."

In a statement issued prior to the event, officials with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix said:

Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix - Child and Youth Protection