NYPD beekeeper removes 25,000 bees from Times Square

A massive swarm of bees invaded Times Square earlier this week.

"Nothing to BEE concerned about! Officer Mays the NYPD’s Beekeeper, swiftly responded to a swarm of bees in Times Square today, and gently removed approximately 25,000 bees from the location before transporting them to a safe location."

The incident on Tuesday was not the first time bees have swarmed Times Square. In 2018, hundreds of bees had to be vacuumed into a container after gathering on top of a hot dog stand as bystanders watched on.

A year earlier, a swarm of thousands of bees landed on a window ledge.

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In April, a Texas man died after going into cardiac arrest when he was attacked by an aggressive swarm of bees outside his home, authorities said.