Parts of Arizona saw gusty winds, blowing dust

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- People in parts of Arizona experienced gusty winds and blowing dust on Thursday.

According to the NWS website, a strong weather system that moved through far southeast California and into Arizona on Thursday could result in gusty winds, with peak gusts in excess of 50 mph (~80.47 kph) possible in some areas. The gusty winds, NWS officials said on Thursday, will result in areas of blowing dust and sand, which could cause visibility to fall below five miles (~8.04km) at times. Gusty winds could also create hazardous driving conditions.

At a rest stop off the I-10 in the Casa Grande area, the parking lot was full of trucks that stopped because of the winds. Some campers and bikers who parked at the facility said they are taking it easy due to the windy weather.

"Tries to throw you in the opposite lane and tilts you over, almost pushes you over. It's dangerous," said one person.

"Windy days like today, I'm not doing anything over 65, even though the speed limit is 75," said another person.

NWS officials said if visibility drops too low for safe driving, drivers should pull all the way off the road, turn off their car's lights, take the foot off the brakes, and wait until conditions improve.

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