Paying it forward legacy continues: Woman inspired by generosity helps 2 teens

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Often a good deed is inspired by an act of generosity and a cycle of paying it forward.

"When we do things in our community for people and then they pay it forward, it just makes us feel better about the whole thing," said David Kimmerle, CEO of Sanderson Ford.

That's exactly the story behind today's ceremony in Glendale.

It all began back in 2014 when George, a retired police officer and veteran, had his car stolen. When the folks at Sanderson Ford heard about it, it was the perfect opportunity for them to pay it forward and give George a car.

"He never dreamed that anyone would do something like that, so we felt good about that and now we even feel better about it because his daughter learned the lesson," Kimmerle said.

George's daughter, Paige, says that gesture meant everything to her father.

"He loved that car, he actually wanted me to drive it," Paige Bruck said. "He's like, 'Why don't you drive that car instead of your truck?' And I'm like, 'Dad, 'cause I like the truck.'"

After George passed away last year, Paige was left with the car, as well as her truck, and that's when an idea came to her. She'd pass on the kindness her father was shown to others and give her truck to someone in need.

Paige contacted Sanderson Ford, who matched her with sisters Elizabeth and Evette Sierra, both of whom are first-generation American citizens, college students, and participants of the Phoenix Police Department's cadet program.

The twins say they are touched by this act of kindness. Evette is starting classes for a sign language degree at Phoenix College in January. Elizabeth will start at Glendale Community College in January, working towards a psychology degree.