PD: 9-month-old in critical condition after nearly drowning in bathtub

A 9-month-old is fighting for his life tonight after he nearly drowned in a bathtub. Officials say his parents left him alone in the shower.

It's a scary situation for any family. Right now, one family is hoping and praying their little boy pulls through after nearly drowning. Phoenix firefighters rushed him to the hospital Saturday afternoon. At last check, officials listed the baby in extremely critical condition.

Phoenix Fire responded to the drowning call at a home on North 33rd Drive near West Harmont. Officials say the 9-month-old baby boy somehow got hold of a washcloth and stopped the drain. As the water rose up, investigators believe he fell face-first in the tub as the shower continued. At this point, we don't know how long the child was left by himself. But we do know the parents called 911 and there are other kids who live in the home.

Firefighters got to the house within two minutes but the boy did not have a pulse. As they rushed him to the hospital, advanced life support helped regain a pulse. Neighbors watched police tape off the area. Many of them are parents whose hearts dropped when they heard the news.

"[It's] your baby, you know, and just to find that out, it's scary," said Aubree Sueing. "It makes me want to watch my kids even more around any type of water because this can happen to anybody just within a blink of an eye."

"Being a parent is a very hard job, you [have to] keep track of all [of] them, but another reminder - children, water, baths, everything - you just [have to[ keep an eye on them all [of] the time," said Rob McDade. "Nine months old is too long to be [left] unattended."

"I [almost] drowned when I was seven years old in a pool," said Freeom Sueing. "I was resuscitated back to life, so the fear of water for me is to protect my grandkids from experiencing [it and] my children from experiencing the same thing I experienced.

We're waiting to hear back from officials on the baby's condition. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.