PD: Arson suspect found dead in Las Vegas hotel

A manhunt is over for an arson suspect. Phoenix Police say the suspect took his own life inside a Las Vegas hotel.

Police believe his intended target is a valley woman who used to live at the home, she did go into hiding under police protection.

A family she rented the house to was home when police say the suspect tried to set the house on fire.

32-year-old Nathaniel Astle went on the run after police say he broke into a south Phoenix home and set it on fire early Monday.

"We believe the target was a woman who he is infatuated with, and had some sort of dating relationship in the past," said Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent Crump.

The problem, the woman didn't live there anymore and she rented the home to a family. A mother and her two kids were trapped on the balcony. Later that day Astle's family called police to report him missing.

"They have indicated that he has some medical issues, mental health issues, and is off his medication, they are concerned for him," said Crump.

Police say Astle's family also gave them a bizarre journal he wrote about the woman whom he is believed to be targeting.

"He is intending to harm her, and he may take her life if he finds her," said Crump.

On Tuesday afternoon investigators learned that Astle was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room, from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police say he was last seen driving a blue 1990 Mazda Miata convertible with a black top. The car has Arizona plate AZY6594 on it.